Uber’s on-demand ice cream truck visits The Verge

As a child, the ice cream truck never swings around the block right when you want it to. On-demand sedan service app Uber wants to alleviate your frustration, if only for a day, and only if you’re in Boston, Chicago, New York, San Francisco, Seattle, Toronto, or Washington DC. Uber partnered up with ice cream trucks in these cities and is delivering ice cream straight to wherever you are via its mobile app. The deal is $12 for five ice creams, and if you’re in New York, that means five delectable sandwiches from Coolhaus.

To order, all you need to do is open Uber’s app for iPhone or Android, tap the ice cream icon, and then “request ice cream here.” Once your request has been processed, you can see the truck on a map as it makes its way…

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