A Better Way to Ask for Career Advice [Jobs]

_By now you’re smart enough to follow the lead of people who are ahead of you in their career. Watching these people and figuring out how to mimic their success is one of the most effective ways to reach your goals. But when it comes to asking for advice, you might be among the many insight-seekers who are going about it the WRONG way. If you’re asking, “What advice do you have for me?” you’re shooting yourself in the foot._ More »


Decision Making: There Are Always More Than Two Options [Decisions]

_When you have an important choice to make, it’s easy to get stuck on two options. Derek Sivers explains how taking a few minutes to list ALL your options (even unrealistic ones) can reduce stress and lead to better decision making._ More »


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Staring at Screws: How I Find Ideas in Trivial Details [Ideas]

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