Nexus Q hackery continues as root is obtained, launchers and apps get up and running

When Google unveiled the Nexus Q, they said they welcomed hacking on the social streamer and some in the development community took that as an open challenge to see what all they could make it do. Here we are now, Google I/O all over and done with for another year and some amazing things are happening in the Nexus Q world.

Over at _XDA_, there is now instructions on how to unlock the bootloader, root it, load custom images onto it and even load up launchers and some apps. A video has been created to show off the hacks, you’ll find it below but for now it remains something not for the faint of heart. That said, in the video you’ll see some Netflix up and running and plenty of other apps like GMail getting some love. If this thing starts to open up a bit more, would it change your mind on picking one up?

Source: XDA

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Nexus Q torn down - think it’s worth $299 yet?

Ever since the Google Nexus Q was announced last week at the Google I/O developer conference, folks have been trying to rationalize (or pan) its $299 price tag. We’ve been using it for a week now and believe it’s justified. But if you’re still not convinced, you need to check out iFixit’s teardown photos.

We couldn’t care less about the reparability of the Q, but it’s obvious that some serious design and manufacturing work went into this spherical streaming wonder. _IFixit_ also points out that any number of components could have (and likely were) sourced from outside the United States, taking a little luster off the “Made in the USA” claim, but for a device as complicated as the Q, that never really should have been taken as more than a bit of marketing speak anyway.

Hit the link below for the full gallery. It’s definitely worth a gander.

Source: iFixit Nexus Q teardown

Miss the Google I/O 2012 Day 1 Keynote? Watch it now

If for whatever reason you happened to miss out on the Google I/O 2012 Day 1 Keynote, you can now sit back, relax and take it all in. Google has posted the video to YouTube so you have no reason to not set aside some time and get yourself caught up. You’ll get to see Android 4.1 Jelly Bean announced along with the Google Nexus 7 tablet and finally, the Nexus Q.

Video: Giant Nexus Q robot stalks the halls of Google I/O

Last year it was an oversized Android-powered labyrinth, and this year the centerpiece of the Google I/O second-floor display was a giant robotic Google Nexus Q. Attached to a robot arm and adorned with glowing, rhythmic LEDs, the ‘bot played music to attendees passing through I/O.

Announced yesterday, the Nexus Q is a miniature Android-powered computer and media center for your living room. It’s due out in July, and I/O attendees were given preview units yesterday. We’ll be bringing you more on Google’s latest foray into home entertainment over the next day, but for now you can find footage of its oversized robotic cousin after the break.

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